Liberty Garden Products 704 Hose Reel Review

Liberty Garden Products 704 Hose Reel Review

A hose reel is a garden tool that helps users pull out their garden hose when they need it. When you’re done, it reels the hose back into a safe position. The right hose reel will not only give you more control over your garden hose but helps you add life to the garden as well.

Our purpose is to help you find a hose reel that works the best for you. In our review, we’ll discuss the Liberty Garden Products 704. Throughout our discussion, we’ll speak on its pros, cons, and our suggestions on how to use the device properly.

Liberty Garden Products 704 Hose Reel

All of our information presented is from verified sources to help you get a better understanding of the product. By the end of this article, you’ll have enough information to decide if this hose reel is good for you.

About The Product

This decorative hose reel is capable of winding and storing your garden hose with ease. It comes with a convenient top storage tray, 125 feet hose capacity, and brass fittings to increase its stability. It’s now being sold on Amazon at a price around $81.

  • Holds 125 feet of vinyl/rubber ⅝ Garden Hose
  • Weather resistant powder coat
  • Easily used for hose retraction, rewinding, storage
  • Product comes fully assembled

One feature we liked was the hose reel’s rust resistance. The o-ring and the orbit house prevent contaminants such as rust, dirt, and other ailments that can destroy your hose reel if you consistently neglect it. You should get this hose reel if you want something that will maintain its performance and appearance after months of usage.

Another feature is that we’ve noticed was the device’s powder coat. Other models tend to have coats made of lesser material. This leads into the paint falling off after the reel has been used. Fortunately, the Liberty Garden Products 704’s hose reel has a powder coat finish that lasts for up to 4 years.

You don’t have to waste your time trying to install the reel either. It comes pre assembled and ready to go once you open it. This is perfect for beginners who don’t know how aren’t good with tools. Purchase the Liberty Garden 704 if you want a reel that’s easy to use for your garden projects.

Liberty Garden Products 704 Hose Reel Shelf

Additionally, this hose reel has a great build quality. For instance, it consists of a Cast Aluminum, with brass fixtures, strong powdered coat finish. Each of those features helps ensure that the hose won’t break after frequent use.

It’s 7-inch x 14-inch shelf is another feature worth mentioning. This decorative shelf allows you to place small garden items on it after you’re done working. Consumers found this feature convenient and helped them organize their garden more efficiently.

We’ve noticed a widespread consumer dislike for the product’s swivel connector. Some consumers noticed that the swivel connector would leak on occasion. When this happened, it was hard to stop the leak unless you tightly sealed the o-ring. Look for a replacement if this problem occurs to you.

All in all, the Liberty Garden Products 704 is definitely worth your money. It’s easily mounted onto your walls and can be easily winded and retracted with the manual hand crank. Buy this hose if you want to see your plants blossom and enhance the overall look of your garden.

Buying Advice

Are you still confused? Here, we’ll discuss a few buying tips to help you become a better shopper. This section will prevent you from buying impulsively; a mistake shoppers tend to make. Continue reading this section to buy the correct hose reel that matches your personal preferences.


The one question you need to ask is “How mobile should my hose reel be?” People with large gardens will want to have a reel with wheels under it. This makes it easier for you to transport your reel throughout your garden.

Liberty Garden Products 704 Hose Reel On Wall

You can also get a wall mounted hose reel because it remains in one place after it’s been attached. Wall mounted reels are a great option if you have a hose with enough length to cover the garden without having to move the reel.

Extra Accessories

Some hose reels have different fittings that you can attach your reel to the hose’s water outlet. Aside from these regular fittings, look for a nozzle at the end of the hose reel to help control the water flow.

These additional accessories are great if you need to do some watering and your hose is completely unraveled from the reel. They allow you to completely remove the hose before getting it right back to your water outlet.

Is It Retractable?

Retractable garden hoses are useful because if you want to save energy from reeling it in. And they help if you have to constantly de-spool your hose all the way when completing you daily cleaning tasks. While they might be more expensive, they will make the winding process a lot easier for you.

They work like automatic hose reels. It starts by pulling back on the reel and then rolls it up. They are easy to use and don’t take a long time getting the hang of it. Another issue with long hoses is that retractable reels have a hard time pulling the hose aback onto the pull. Make sure to get a retractable hose reel to ensure that your hose will wind correctly.


To conclude, we believe that the Liberty Garden Products 704 is the best hose reels available. It comes in a decorative finish that still is functional enough to water the plants effectively. In conclusion, you should purchase this hose reel today if you want to see a big difference in your garden.

Liberty Garden Products 704 Hose Reel


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