Finding The Best Hose Reel: A Buying Guide

Finding The Best Hose Reel: A Buying Guide
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Everyone needs a hose reel that's of good quality. A good hose reel should cover at least 125 feet of a 5/8 vinyl hose to provide an adequate amount of water throughout your garden. Having a good hose reel allows you to water your plants more effectively.

Also, it improves and extends the appearance and the lifespan of your backyard. Recently, sales for hose reels have doubled and has increased demand. This means that companies are manufacturing these reels at a fast rate.

Using Auto Wind Hose Reel

Fortunately, we've created this guide with the aid of verified customer opinions and sources. Our main goal is to discuss the pros, cons, and recommendations for each of these five hose reels. By the end of this post, you'll have enough confidence to make a conscious and rational purchasing decision.

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Why Should You Choose Your Hose Reel Carefully

Your garden relies on water to thrive throughout the seasons. People who don't take care of their gardens tend to neglect to give their plants a proper amount of water. That's why you need to invest in a hose reel.

Understand, not all hose reels have the same level of quality. This is a common mistake shoppers make when they impulsively buy without knowing the qualities. As a result, they tend to buy a hose reel that doesn't meet up to their expectations.

Hose Reel In Garden

To carefully choose the right hose, you have first to check out its specifications. You need to know what your hose features before you begin to buy it.

Check to see for the quality of materials, if the hose reel comes already assembled or not, and if your hose reel can be mounted on a wall or carried around via cart. Following this step ensures that you'll have a fully functional hose and not waste your money on one that doesn't suit you.

​What To Pay Attention ​To When Choosing Your Hose Reel

Choosing the right garden hose for your garden can make a huge difference when it comes to your comfort in the garden. Let's see what you should pay attention on when buying a hose reel:


Hose reel carts come in different sizes and models. It's important to know which hose reel is needed for your garden before making a purchase. Here is a table that explains the different hose reel types:

Hose Reel Type


Stationary Hose Reel

This is one of the more popular types of hose reels. Stationary reels include a crank that a user manually rewinds the hose onto the reel. While simple in design, stationary hose reels has materials made from plastic to stainless steel.

Portable or Multi Hose Reels

These hose reels tend to have wheels on the bottom of the reel for easy transport. This hose reel type is designed to work like a upright hand dolly or a hand truck.

Hideaway Hose Reels

Hideaway hose reels are either wall mounted or freestanding. Some include a boxline design to hide the water hose or garden. Most of the time, these reels uses detachable hand cranks to rewind a hose, remove them, and then store them away.

Hose Reel Carts

Hose reel carts are like portable hose reels because they can be transported by wheels. However, hose reel carts tend to have a tabletop like design on it. They include quick storage compartments or shelves to keep your water nozzles organized.

Spring Loaded Hose Reel

Spring Loaded Reels come in different types and sizes and is designed for quick water hose retraction.

Air Hose Reels

These reels can be stationary, portable, or mounted on a wall. Almost every air hose reel has a quick connect feature for power air tools and the hoses. You’ll see air hose reels in professional workplaces, but they can also be used in a home garage for the occasional air compressor usage.

Hose Included Or Not

Some hose reels come with a hose already equipped. However, they cost more than ones without one. Your skill level will decide which one is for you. For example, if you're experienced with installing hose reels, then you opt for the one without the hose.

For beginners, it's best that you purchase the hose reel where the hose comes pre assembled. This saves you lots of times and allows you to get started in maintaining your garden. No matter which one you buy, make sure to maintain your hose reel to ensure that it lasts throughout the seasons.

Hose Length Or Width

The length of your hose can range from 100 to 400ft. For basic projects that require you to be close to the spigot, you only need a hose about 75-100ft long. But, expansive areas and gardens will require a hose to be of 150-400ft to ensure that you water each section effectively.

Green Hose In Garden

The width is measured by the diameter of the hose reel. For example, the standard hose width is at 5/8th long. You can opt for a 3/4th hose, but they are better suited for more intense gardening tasks such as landscaping, applying mulch, and re soiling the plants.


If you're looking for portability, get a hose reel cart. Hose reel carts consist of 4 strong tires to help you transport the hose around the garden. This makes it easier for you to clean the affected areas and give your plants a substantial amount of water.

When searching for a portable hose reel, check the quality of the handles. If the handles are prone to rust, or not comfortable when it fits in your hand, then it's time to find a new hose reel.

Retractable Option

You'll usually see this feature on automatic hose reels. The retractable option allows users to reel in the hose without spending time manually winding the hose. Get a retractable hose if you are inexperienced at hose reel winding and need a simpler procedure in keeping your hose organized.

Ease Of Use

A hose reel is useless if you can't utilize it correctly. Manual hose reels are best used for lawn care, agriculture, and pest care. Electrically powered reels provide the efficiency, speed, and is easy to operate around the garden.

As we've stated earlier, automatic hose reels are the preferred choice. They are powered by a 12-volt power source which allows for the reel to wind and retract at the press of a button.


Durability is another key feature when getting a hose reel. Hose reels made of stainless steel, steel, and aluminum tend to last longer than other materials. But, these materials can get exposed to rust if left unattended. Properly maintain your hose reel and store it away after using it to ensure that it remains in good condition.

Hose Reel In Garden

Hose Stopper

Rubber hose bumpers act as a brake during the reeling process. For example, when you are retracting the hose, you use the hose stopper once you've found your desired length. The stopper will permanently store that length making it easier for you to use the hose around your garden.

You should invest in a hose stopper because they make it easier to retract your hose. While it might raise the price of your hose reel, it will make up for it by providing a responsive system that

Child Safety

To prevent your child from tampering with the tool, you need to store it in a safe place. The best reels for this occasion are hideaway reels. As its name suggests, hideaway reels conceal the hose once you're done using it. Make sure to keep your hose reel stored in a high location so that it's out of your child's reach.

Best Wall Mounted Hose Reel

If you want a hose hanger that’s going to add an element of designer flair to the exterior of your home, then this wall-mounted units are for you:

Liberty Garden Products 704

First on our list is the Liberty Garden Products 704. It's a wall mounted hose reel that sits safely in your garage. And, the device has a convenient storage tray that helps users store a few landscaping items (ex: mulch, flower pots, etc.). You can get this on Amazon at a price around $85.

  • Holds up to 125 feet
  • 5/8 Vinyl Hose
  • Easy pull out the hose
  • 5 foot Leader Hose

One feature that we've noticed is the that it comes fully assembled. This means that you don't have to waste time trying to install the reel and risk breaking the device. Simply attach the handle, place it on the wall, and fully enjoy your new hose reel.

You'll like this hose reel because of its capacity. It's able to hold garden hoses from up to 125 feet. And, the crank mechanism makes the machine easy for users to reel and retract their hoses. Look into this device if you want a hose reel with enough length to complete all of your projects.

Liberty Garden Products 704 Hose Reel



Another thing that we've noticed is the durable and sturdy materials. For instance, it's made out of heavy gauge aluminum. It's also powdered coated meaning that they can last for up to 8 years. This makes it one of the best wall mount hose reel because of its ability to last longer than competing devices.

Consumers like the Liberty Garden Products 704 because of its decorative design. They liked the outer brass coverings that gave the hose reel a unique appearance. Buy this device if you want a useful hose reel that mixes vintage design with modern technology

But there is a problem that consumers vocalized. This hose reel is prone to leak at the swivel. However, you are protected by Liberty Garden's Limited Lifetime Warranty. If this product begins to have issues, return it for a replacement.

Mainly, the Liberty Garden Products 704 is the best rated hose reel in the market. It's strong, reliable, and is fully protected by its aluminum covering. Buy this product if you're serious about enhancing the appearance of your garden.

​Best Automatic Hose Reel

For these, you will be paying a fair deal more, but you have an advantage, in that you don’t have to manually wind the hose up once you’re done working.

Winner: Suncast RSW125D Hose Reel

When it comes to the best retractable hose reel, the Suncast RSW125D Hose Reel is steps ahead of the competition. Since it's powered via water, the automatic reel doesn't require you to use batteries like other products. It's currently sold on Amazon for a price about $83.

  • Water Powered
  • Smart Trak Garden Hose Guide
  • 125 feet of 5/8 inch vinyl hose capacity
  • Strong Resin Construction

Most of the time, you'll want a hose reel that makes the winding process easier. With its Smart Trak feature, it automatically finds the hose and reels it in slowly. This helps the wind the hose evenly and prevents it from getting tangled.

One thing that we've noticed is its automatic reeling process. You simply press the button and watch your hose retract back to the machine. Users like this because it reduces the time it takes to reel and unwind the hose and keeps it stored in a safe place.

Suncast RSW125D Hose Reel



Speaking of safety, the device has a powerful resin construction. This helps your hose reel remain sealed from ailments such as bacteria and rust. Get this hose reel if you want something that's durable and will last for up for 5 years without any issue.

Customers loved this hose reel because of its weather resistance. Unlike other hose reels, this one can remain outside without becoming damaged by the sun, snow, rain, etc. This is a sturdy hose reel that preserves its quality in even the harshest weather conditions.

Shoppers main gripe with the product is its weak internal reel. They reported that after 3 months, the reel would be warped; which means that it is harder to remove from the device. If this happens, you can get a replacement since the device is protected by Suncast's 3 Year Limited Warranty.

Overall, the Suncast RSW125D is the best outdoor hose reel that money can buy. The reel has a sturdy exterior, one that's resistant to all sorts of weather. And, it does the job of winding and retracting the hose for you. If you want an automatic hose reel that will bring a lot of utility, then you should look into this product.

Runner Up: Suncast CPLSSM200B Hose Reel

Third on the list is the Suncast CPLSSM200B Hose Reel. Like the Suncast RSW125D, it's a plastic hideaway reel that's designed to keep your hose safe from outside contaminants. You can find this device on Amazon at a price about $70.

  • Stakes help secure the base to the ground
  • Automatic hose tracking
  • 225 Feet Hose Capacity
  • Base swivels for hose unwinding
  • Reels hose with less effort

Here's some advice on how to use the reel properly. When you are laying out the hose for the first time, ensure that it lies completely flat to remove all the kinks. If the hose doesn't have any kinks when starting off, you're good. But, if it does have a kink, it will result in reduced air pressure. Keep it in an upstanding position to get the most out of this hose reel.

This model's main selling point is its 225 feet hose capacity. Because of this feature, users have more space to utilize the hose without accidentally getting the hose caught up. You should get this reel if you have a large project and tend on working away from the spigot of the hose.

Suncast CPLSSM200B Swivel Hose Hideaway



The next feature that we've noticed was the stakes that came included with the device. Consumers like the stakes because it helps them keep the reel planted to the ground. This places it a step ahead of competing products, who don't have any sturdy base to prevent their hose from tipping over.

People noticed the unique swivel base that comes with this device. For example, the hose reel swivels to the user's direction and allows for a quick and smooth unrolling motion. It's easy to use and helps the user efficiently hide their hose once they're done using it.

We'd like to point out one flaw with this device. Consumers noticed that the gear between the wheel and the hand crank would break after a few months of use. If this ever occurs to you, you are reimbursed due to the company's limited life time warranty.

Despite its small issues, the Suncast CPLSSM200B Hose Reel is the best hose reel on the market. It's fast and provides a safe and organized way to store your hose after using it. You should get this device if you seriously want a hideaway reel that can bring your garden to life.

Best Hose Reel Cart

Garden hose carts are more in the domain of landscapers, commercial gardens, and plant nurseries but if you have a large enough garden they may be worth looking into.

Winner: Ames Estate Hose Wagon

Fourth on our list is the Ames Estate Hose Wagon. It's comes already assembled once opening it. This is great for users who aren't handy with tools. And the wagon is mobile enough to transport throughout your garden without tripping or damaging the device. You'll find it on Amazon currently being sold at about $192.

  • 100% Steel Construction
  • Tube Tires
  • Holds up to 400 feet
  • Four Wheel Tires for Increased Support
  • Comes Pre-Assembled

When it comes to hose reel capacity, the Ames Estate Hose Wagon is designed to hold up 400 feet. Users like this feature because it gives them enough length to utilize the hose to their liking. If you have a large garden, the Ames Estate Hose Wagon can help you maintain it faster than the competition.

Another feature that helps this reel stand out is its steel constructed base. Competing water hose reels are made of lesser quality and tend to break more often. With its steel design, you'll have a portable hose reel that's resistant from corrosion. Thus, making it a durable hose reel that you should add to your garden.

Ames Estate 2380500 Hose Reel



Shoppers like this water hose reel because of its ergonomic grip handle. The handle's rubber cushion makes it easier for users to transport the device without it slipping from their hands. Making it a great choice if you want your hands to remain comfortable when landscaping in your backyard.

On the other hand, some consumers disliked the reel's lack of durability. The inside connection where the hose is attached would tend to break. This device is prone to breaking at the worst area, meaning that you should inspect the reel regularly to prevent it from getting damaged.

The Ames Estate Hose Wagon is one of the best hose reel carts that best hose reel cart that's available. It's four wheels provide enough mobility to move around a garden with ease. Purchase this hose reel if you want a trustworthy cart to help you in your DIY garden projects.

Runner Up: Liberty Garden Products 870

Ranked fifth is the Liberty Garden Products 870. This hose reel is designed for both professional, landscaping, and commercial gardening purposes. It features a pair of brass and galvanized features that are durable and holds up well in any environment. You can find it on Amazon at a price around $112.

  • Low Center of Gravity
  • 13 Gauge Steel Construction
  • Non-Slip Handle
  • 4 Pneumatic Tires

You do want a hose reel that has a low center of gravity. Fortunately, the Liberty Garden Products 870 is designed with that rule in mind. Its low gravity placement prevents the reel from tipping over. Because of this, it's a great hose reel to have in your inventory.

Consumers expressed their opinions on the reel's four 10" pneumatic tires. They believed that the tires enhanced their maneuverability around their backyard or garden. If you want to reduce the time it takes to water your plants, then you should look into this hose reel.

Liberty Garden Products 870-M1-2 Hose Reel Cart



It's made out of 100% steel. And it has a corrosion resistant powdered coated finish. This means that the device is less likely to break when out in harsh weather. You'll like this because it has a lot of utility and lasts longer than competing hose reels.

Plus, we've liked the cart because it holds up to 300 ft of 5/8 vinyl hose. This gives you enough hose capacity to provide water in a large area. Buying this device not only gives you a mobile hose reel cart but one with a lot of hose range as well.

You should look out for the cart's bolts. Consumers across the board complained that the bolts would begin to rust once the cart was in use. This would negatively affect the performance of the wheels and make it harder to transport the hose. We suggest that you buy an extra pair of bolts to prevent this problem from occurring.

The Liberty Garden Products 870 is one of the most versatile hose reel carts around. It doesn't tip over when you use it, and its constructed out of strong materials like steel. You should get this device if you want something that will last for a long time.

​The Verdict

And one question that first-time buyers tend to ask is "What is the best hose reel?"

We think that the Ames Estate Hose Wagon is the winner. It has enough durability to last for up to 5 years without corroding or losing in its quality. Conclusively, you should look into this hose reel cart if you want something that's worth your investment.

Do you have any questions or experiences with any of these devices?

Please leave a comment below.

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